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Our color services in Fort Collins, CO are designed to accentuate your haircut and face shape. Because one color technique doesn't work for everyone, our Stylists will consider your skin tone, natural colors, and current cut to help you achieve your desired result. Our prices vary on the color service, techniques, and the level of expertise of each Stylist.

Full Highlight


A full foil means to foil the hair on the entire head, including the underneath sections. If you want to see highlights underneath your hair when you wear your hair up, this is the way to go. *Includes 2 bowls of lightner, 1 toner, and Defy Damage.

Full Highlight w/Root Re-touch


The same service as a Full Highlight but including a color on the root of the hair left out of foils. *Includes 2 bowls of lightner, 1 toner, 1 bowl of root color, and Defy Damage.



One color formulation for the whole head. Resulting in going to same or darker shade. (Does not include Blonding services).

Platinum Card (Blonding)

$220+ ($75/hour)

Platinum Card Technique is for individuals who want their hair to be lighter all over. Every piece of hair goes into a foil, to achieve solid Blonde from root to ends. *Includes 3 bowls of lightner, 1 toner, and Defy Damage

Platinum Retouch


Lightening and toning applied to an inch or less of new growth of previously lightened hair (Does not include foiling). *Includes 1 bowl of lightner, 1 toner, Defy Damage.

Root Retouch


One color, applied on up to an inch and a half of new growth or root of previously colored hair.



Accent highlights are done by applying a small amount of foils or painted-on pieces usually focused on framing the face.

Toner Stand Alone/Add-on


A temporary color which is used to "tone" pre-lightened or to "gloss" hair.

Specialty Color


Multiple colors, balayage, ombre, fashion colors and the latest color trends. Ask your designer to create a look that will be uniquely you. A consultation is key as there are many different looks that can be achieved. *Includes 2 bowls of lightner, 1 toner, and Defy Damage.

Color Correction


In a hair color pickle? Talk to our expert team to tame your mane. We will develop a plan to get your hair looking fabulous again.

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