Blow Dry Style


Formal Style


Special Event or occasion? Give us a call or stop in to consult with one of our stylist on perfecting your look.

Full Perm


In this technique, your stylist will apply a permanent wave to all of your hair. A consultation is key as there are many different looks and textures that can be achieved. From tight ringlets to looser spirals, your stylist will guide you to the perfect curl for you. *Includes Defy Damage

Partial Perm


The same as 'Full Perm', but only part of the hair would be permanently waved. Used primarily on short hair to add volume or styling control. *Includes Defy Damage

Spiral Perm


Shoulder-length or longer hair is rolled onto the perm rod vertically, resulting in a corkscrew-type curl. Spiral perms can also be used to create an explosion of curls. *Includes Defy Damage

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